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Propel CC is a cycling club based in Telford, Shropshire. Formed at the end of 2018 by local cyclists it is designed to provide a sociable group riding atmosphere with an emphasis on safety and good riding etiquette. Propel cycling Club (Telford) is registered with British Cycling (BC) and the Cyling Time Trials (CTT), to allow members to time trial and is a member of the South Staffordshire & Shropshire Cycling Club Road Race League (SSSCCRRL) for local road racing.





Sunday Club Rides (Known as the Classic Ride) are ridden as a group, riding through-and-of (Chain-gang) two abrest, and everyone is required to take their turn, but you will not be pushed beyond your physical capabilty. On climbs we ride together to ensure the group os not too strung out and no one is left behind or alone. Even though we ride as a group, it's not about speed or racing, our club rides are about being social, getting fit together and enjoying cycling, not burning up or race training.





Propel CC commit to keep the number of riders in any group to a maneageable size for safety and enjoyment. The club has agreed a policy that limits the maximum number of riders in any one group on the road to 12, after this point the ride will split into multiple groups heading either to different locations or the same location with a defined gap between them to ensure that they do not bunch up later. This is not only for the rider's safety, but also to ensure other road users are not faced with long lines of cyclists that are difficult to overtake on the county's often narrow roads.


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