Propel Cycling Club

Propel Cycling Club (Telford) & the SSSCCRRL

Published on 12/11/2018 7:09pm

Propel Cycling Club (Telford) & the SSSCCRRL



“The Shropshire and South Staffordshire Cycling Clubs Road Race League (SSSCCRRL or Road Race League), is run by Staffordshire and Shropshire Cycling Clubs who each take a turn to run an evening race. The SSSCCRRL was designed as a training league, but different riders use it for different purposes – from the hardened racer who is using it for training, through to the beginner who is trying to get some experience.  League road races or circuit races take place every Thursday night 7pm, from Mid-May onwards.  Events are run on a handicap basis over a distance of approx 35 miles for Road Races & 1hr for Circuit Races. A rider is affiliated to the league by being a 1st claim member of a club who are organising a race (and marshalling at their clubs event) – this entitles them to series entry. All races are bound by the rules of British Cycling, thus – if you do not have a current license and crash helmet, you will not be allowed to ride.


Propel Cycling Club may have riders in this series plus will be seen marshalling on July 9th 2019


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