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Propel Cycling Club (Telford) joins SCCA for 2019

Published on 12/12/2018 7:39pm

Propel Cycling Club (Telford) joins SCCA for 2019



Propel Cycling Club (Telford) joins the SCCA for the 2019 season.


“The Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association is the umbrella organisation for County Cycling Clubs staging four major Series and County Championships.  Covering time trials and reliability rides, the SCCA helps clubs organise and promote events for safe group riding and time trial racing throughout the year in Shropshire.  Initially created in 1973 by 3 clubs, it now has nearly 20 member clubs across the county.  Throughout the year approximately 15 reliability rides (generally held in early in the year), and nearly 60 time trials (throughout weekends and evenings), with trophies available in all events are organised by the member clubs and co-ordinated by the SCCA."


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